2. The Dallara Championship is an Esports competition based on Assetto Corsa dedicated to sim racers from all over the world and organized by Dallara Company.

    The objective pursued by Dallara is to encourage the research, interest and participation in the sectors of advanced automotive engineering and advanced automotive electronic engineering, with particular reference to the design of road and competition vehicles, sustainable propulsion systems, subsystems for intelligent functionality. Participants are called to use a virtual driving simulator to show their skills in managing sports cars on circuits of the utmost importance, demonstrating that they know how they work - and know how to master -, in practice, the mechanisms and functions at the base of the racing cars that come then used in common cars.

    To participate is not required any purchase of products. Every financial contribution required for the registration of the participants are donated entirely to charity to support some of the Italian healthcare structures most affected by the COVID-19 emergency and it is not used to finance this initiative or products and services of Dallara or any of the sponsors. All the revenues coming from the fees required for registration are donations and, after the only deduction of PayPal fee, will be donated to ASST Papa Giovanni XXIII Hospital in Bergamo and the UH Parma Medical Center - University Hospitals.

    The championship, due to COVID-19 pandemic, will be played online and it will be divided in 4 hot lap competitions to select the 12 drivers that will join the Grand Final race. In order to participate in the Dallara Esports Championship the players need to register to the, donate 10,00 euro using paypal,and then take part in the online qualification sessions.

    Every player will be able to drive the Dallara Stradale, a special car created for this unique championship; as part of the industrial project created by Dallara, the events will therefore focus on the assessment of the participants' skills and abilities in use this special car.
    Therefore, there will be special prizes for the first 3 drivers of the Grand Final, awarded as recognition of their personal merit shown in the use of the Dallara Stradale during the races and as a title of encouragement in the community’s interest in the development and progress of the automotive engineering as well as in the design of road and competition vehicles, sustainable propulsion systems, subsystems for intelligent functions.

  4. For any additional informations please refer to the following contacts:
    email: or 
    the official website:
    F.A.Q Server, Ptracker and car:

  6. In order to participate in the Dallara Esports Championship the driver needs to:

    1. Own an original copy of Assetto Corsa on Steam (PC)
    2. Register a new account at this link ( 
    3. You will receive a confirmation email of the registration. Next you will activate your account and you can subscribe to the competition
    4. At this point the website will redirect you to Paypal where you must donate 10,00 euro
    5. After completing the registration procedure, you will receive an email with the confirmation of the registration and a direct link to download the Dallara Stradale and Ptracker
    6. Download and install the Dallara Stradale and Ptracker (provided by the organizer)
    7. Own a driver profile in-game with real Name and Surname
    8. Be at least 18 years old

    In order to help you figure out how to register and download all the content, we have created a quick video tutorial:

  8. Every driver, once he/she has been registered correctly on the website (, has 4 different chances to qualify for the final event by recording his/her best lap in one of the following hot lap events:

    • Imola
    • Mugello
    • Spa Francorchamps
    • Brands Hatch

    All the valid times recorded by a driver will be shown on a dedicated leaderboard for each hot lap event. The 3 drivers that achieved the fastest hot laps during every single qualification event will be invited to the Grand Final race. It’s also mandatory to save the replay of your best hot lap in case the organizers decide to check it.

    At the end of every hot lap qualification, the 3 players that achieved the fastest laps on the leaderboard must send the replays of their hot lap to Their hot laps will be analyzed in live streaming by a Dallara’s engineer.

    If a driver selected to be invited on the Grand Final can’t participate he/she must send an email to or as soon as possible. The empty slot will be filled with the next driver that achieved the best lap time (4th) during the same hot lap qualification session of the dropout.

    Driving Assists allowed: abs, tc and automatic throttle blip allowed, other aids not
    Setup: modifications allowed

  9. DATES
    • Registration opens on March 30th at 13:00 CET
    • Imola hot lap server opens on April 6th at 09:00 CET and closes on April 12th at 22:00 CET
    • Mugello hot lap server opens on April 13th at 09:00 CET and closes on April 19th at 22:00 CET
    • Spa Francorchamps hot lap server opens on April 20th at 09:00 CET and closes on April 26th at 22:00 CET
    • Brands Hatch hot lap server opens on April 27th at 09:00 CET and closes on May 3rd at 22:00 CET
    • Grand Final online on May 16 

    *(time may vary)

  11. The final race will take place online on May 16. The best 12 drivers selected during the hot lap qualifications will race in the Gran Final and they will try to access to the amazing prizes offered by Dallara and the sponsors. 

    The Grand Final track will be decided by the public vote while the format of the competition is the following one:

    • Car: Dallara Stradale
    • Free Practice session (10 Min)
    • Qualification (30 Min)
    • Race 1 (30 Min)
    • Race 2 with reverse grid from race 1 result (30 Min)
    • Driving assist allowed: abs, tc and automatic throttle blip allowed, other aids not
    • Setup: Open

    The Grand Final will be live-streamed on different platforms (listed on the website and social networks). We also remind you that the 12 finalists must join our Discord channel (

  12. SCORES
  13. The 2 final races will have a different score system.

    Race 1:

    1st place: 25 points
    2nd place: 18 points
    3rd place: 15 points
    4th place: 12 points
    5th place: 10 points
    6th place: 8 points
    7th place: 6 points
    8th place: 4 points
    9th place: 2 points
    10th place: 1 point

    Race 2 (inverted grid):

    1st place: 16,5 points
    2nd place: 12 points
    3rd place: 9,5 points
    4th place: 7,5 points
    5th place: 6 points
    6th place: 4,5 points
    7th place: 3 points
    8th place: 2 points
    9th place: 1 point
    10th place: 0,5 points

  15. A “Driver” is any person who has been registered through the website at ( during the tournament. Drivers must register to the competition before the end of the Hot Lap qualification ( May 3rd at 22:00 CET ) in order to record a valid hotlap and be eligible to participate. 

    Drivers must meet the following requirements in their entirety to be eligible to compete. Drivers who do not meet these requirements will be deemed ineligible and will be removed from the Dallara Esports Championship.

    Administration reserves the right to investigate Driver information when eligibility is in question. Drivers should be prepared to provide a copy of personal identification or other applicable documents to verify that these requirements are met.


    A Driver is eligible to participate in the Dallara Esports Championship only if he/she has:

    • A PC provided with Steam
    • Decent Internet connection (max ping 100)
    • Assetto Corsa
    • Download and install the Dallara Stradale (provided by the organizer)
    • Download and install Ptracker 3.4.0 (provided by the organizer)
  17. 9.1 DRIVER NAMES

    Driver Names must be their real ones and must not contain any of the following: Obscene or suggestive language, Corporation, company, sponsor, product, or services names KUNOS Simulazioni, 505 Games, Dallara Esports Championship or any shorthand of the aforementioned Dallara Esports Championship derivatives that may cause confusion during gameplay. Certain special characters might not appear correctly on the in-game HUD during the broadcast, so it is recommended to use simplified characters when applicable.


    Drivers who attempt to change their in-game names and surnames during an active series may not be able to participate in the competition.

  19. The organizer considers the code of conduct a fundamental aspect in every Esports competition. It is precisely for that reason that if any Driver involved in the Dallara Esports Championship acts in any of the following ways, the organiser has the right to disqualify the player with immediate effect.

    • Unsporting conduct (insults in the game chat dedicated to other players, marshalls, organizer etc);
    • Obscene insults to the organizing staff and subjects involved (online and offline) on any social platform, websites, forums etc;
    • Trolling;
    • Unsporting conduct on track (such as obstructing other players during the qualification, “dive-bombing”, zigzagging on the track, deliberately causing one or more incidents etc);
    •  Race Direction will be in charge of penalizing any unfair behaviour and resolve any post-event protest.

The top 3 drivers of the Grand Final, thanks to Dallara and the sponsors, will access to:

  • 1st place: 3 months paid curricular internship at Dallara’s Electronics & Software Engineering department;
  • 2nd place: Dallara Stradale Experience on track with Dallara coaches, lasting maximum 2 days;
  • 3rd place: test session at the Dallara’s Professional Simulator with a Dallara specialist, lasting 1 working day.